Registry WTO

Registry WTO

We do not charge any kind to register the World Therapists. This service is offered free of charge. Our only request is that you, as a World Therapist, do your best for the Planet, either by donating energy or seeking your inner growth. If we are better, so will the world.

The acronym WTO + NUMERATION is your identification as a Therapist. Keep it.

How to use this record:

You can include it in your professional documents, websites, blogs, student certificates, handouts, e-books, course manuals ...


We do not issue a professional card.

We do not issue a professional certificate (membership only).

Use the registration as passed below. Example: WTO-1000

WTO members have the right to register a course (DEPOSIT CODE) for free. Request information by email.


Others Services:

We believe in Channeled Courses and Various Therapies.

Gold Seal Record HERE 

Silver Seal Record HERE

(request the form by email)


To search for your registry, (CTRL + F) and enter the name.